Test Bed Overview Report launched

The Perfect Patient Pathway Test Bed is delighted to share with you the Test Bed Overview Report, which provides a high level summary of the work that has been undertaken as part of our ‘Perfect Patient Pathway Test Bed’.


We have been proud to be one of the first wave of NHS England Test Beds since 2016. Partnership has been a core element of our achievements and the programme has touched so many people across Sheffield and the City Region. We have had national and international collaboration with our industry partners and I want to thank every one of our contributors for their input and support.


The Test Bed has been an amazing journey of innovation – the first of its kind in the UK – encompassing real world testing of new products, re-design of services, new models of learning, novel evaluation methods, with co-production at its heart. The learning from the programme has been enormous and we will take that legacy forward as a basis for future work and plans.


Integration and system-wide approaches are essential for the future sustainability of health and care. The Test Bed has demonstrated both the benefits and challenges of working across multiple partners as well as what can be achieved through genuine and meaningful collaboration. The value of patients and the public as equal partners has been notable and we could not have achieved the outcomes without their input.


Click here to see the Report