Key learning from the Test Bed Programme

At our Perfect Patient Pathway Test Bed Celebratory Event on 22nd May we asked our partners to share and reflect on key learning from the Test Bed programme and the aims to work in partnership to design, test and evaluate new ways of working using innovative technology, to support people with long-term health conditions.

Key learning:

1. Partners saw significant value & importance in co-production with people / patients and felt that feedback from all user groups is critical in user-centred design
2. There are challenges for patients and healthcare professionals in understanding the benefits of new technologies and developing the confidence in using them but focus on usability can affect the pace at which using digital tools can become routine
3. Testing and evaluating new ways of delivering healthcare using technology is complex and will not always result in wider adoption in the system
4. Collaboration and effective partnership working is essential for progress at pace towards project aims and outcomes
5. The Test Bed provided a great opportunity to act upon real-world testing and feedback in order to develop and improve technology and service design
6. Open communication ensures that all partners fell involved and can stimulate new ideas and opportunities

Advice for future Test Bed programmes:

1. Dedicate time and effort to committing to an effective and inclusive engagement strategy with users and stakeholders from day one and throughout the lifetime of the programme
2. Understand co-production and working in partnership on an equal basis and to help create services that meet the needs of users and increase the chances of getting things right the first time.
3. Develop ownership and shared responsibility for partners in order to move forward as a team towards a shared vision and goals
4. Be agile and able to adapt to change or unexpected challenges
5. Establish goals that are realistically achievable and use the Test Bed as a platform for future opportunities


You can read about the feedback themes and read all about our award winners in the Test Bed Feedback Report or you can view our short film and hear directly from our partners here.”