North of England Falls Summit: Using co-design and technology to deliver person-centred care

On the 13th March at the North of England Falls Summit, Pippa Hedley-Takhar shared with an audience of care home managers, CQC and regional partners, the work of the Perfect Patient Pathway Sheffield Test Bed which aims to develop a sustainable model of testing, developing and spreading innovation across Sheffield; redesign pathways to bring together technologies and people; support a culture of transformation; and support coordinated decision making across health and care organisations informed by real time data.

The Test Bed team showcased the Digital Care Home project – an early warning system that highlights changes in health as early as possible by sharing information digitally so that it is accessible to local health care professionals and integrated teams can work in partnership to respond to resident’s health needs, and the Strength and Balance (falls prevention) project using Quantitative Timed Up and Go (QTUG)TM a medical device for assessment of falls risk and frailty which gives healthcare practitioners the ability to assess gait without requiring an expert so they can then make appropriate clinical decisions and referrals based on the information obtained.

At the event, the team were able to share the next stage for the Sheffield Test Bed include dissemination of shared learning and evaluation outcomes from all the NHS England Test Beds later in 2018 and an opportunity for more Sheffield care homes to join the Digital Care Home project in summer 2018. To enquire further, please contact

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