Digital Health Training – supporting patients to use technology to manage their health

This training is for those working in patient-facing roles in health and social care, across South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw, to enable, encourage and support people with long-term conditions to use digital tools for self-management.


The training will be organised around five key themes:


Language – how we talk about technology and how it can be hard to understand, especially for patients, and exploring opportunities to make language around technology clearer for everyone.


Real examples – patients and healthcare professionals sharing case studies and experiences.


Peer support – consistent care comes from teams supporting each other and sharing what they know. The training will be identifying ways to share learning with colleagues and become a Digital Health Champion.


Myth busting – there are a lot of myths around technology that make using it seem daunting. Opportunity to review perceptions and provide information and reassurance to patients.


Barriers – there are often good reasons why people fear or avoid technology, the training will be exploring those barriers and sharing ways to overcome them with in collaboration with patients.


Digital Health Training is delivered by Good Things Foundation, supported by the Perfect Patient Pathway – an NHS England Test Bed site involving partners across health, social care, education, technology and voluntary sector organisations who are working together to deliver care differently, using new technologies, to bring benefits to people with long-term health conditions.


The training is taking place on:

Thursday 11 January 2018 – 12.45-4.00 pm (lunch served from 12.20 pm)

Thursday 8 February 9.20 am-1.00 pm (lunch served from 12.30 pm)


Places are limited so to register and secure your place, contact us via:


∙ Email:

∙ Phone: (0114) 3491666

∙ Online:

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