People who use insulin to manage their diabetes project

Insulcheck logoInsulCheck Connect, is a snap-on accessory designed by Innovation Zed for disposable insulin pen users. The device automatically collects and records pen usage and behaviour data ‘on the go’ using a smartphone app.

The InsulCheck Connect device is being offered to diabetic patients at the Northern General Hospital, Sheffield as part of a project designed to better support them to manage their condition. The project aims to recruit 150 diabetes from the Diabetic Centre in Sheffield to demonstrate impact of the device.

Data collected by the InsulCheck Connect device, when merged with other data such as sugar level readings, and as part of a new package of support for diabetic patients, will enable them and their medical professionals to improve the management of the condition and generate better health outcomes.

Innovation Zed, headquartered at NovaUCD, the Centre for New Ventures and Entrepreneurs at University College Dublin (UCD), was co-founded in 2009 by John Hughes and William Cirillo.

John Hughes, CEO, Innovation Zed, himself an insulin user, said, “I am delighted to have InsulCheck Connect incorporated in the Perfect Patient Pathway Test Bed programme in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw.”

John Hughes further comments on the purpose of this project, “Our researchInsulcheck device pic with insulin pen users highlights that, as with other conditions, injection compliance is significantly below what is prescribed. We firmly believe that this work will demonstrate that our insulin pen accessory can greatly improve injection compliance and generate better health outcomes for people with diabetes.”

Liz Howarth, South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Perfect Patient Pathway Test Bed Programme Director said, “The Test Bed programme is in place to see whether NHS patients can benefit from using new ways of delivering care, combined with new technologies. It’s very early days but we are looking forward to working with our partners, patients and the evaluation team to assess the impact of this particular project.”

Innovation Zed has been dedicated to pro-actively champion the cause of insulin pen users through academic research, scientific studies, clinical trials and developing innovative products.

InsulCheck Connect is the second in a family of connected products from Innovation Zed. It builds on the company’s popular InsulCheck Classic accessory and is the direct result of an intensive four-year research and development project in University College Dublin, Sweden and Taiwan.

John Hughes concluded, “We have already had significant interest in this family of low-cost, insulin pen add-on from private and national health insurance organisations globally as they seek to improve patient outcomes.”


Who is involved in the project?

Lead Evaluation Partner: University of Sheffield – School of Health & Related Research (ScHARR) (

Lead for Public Engagement: Healthwatch Sheffield (

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (

Lead Innovator Partner: Innovation Zed ( /


Check out this link to learn more about what Insulcheck can do for people living with diabetes:


What happens next?

Recruitment of 300 patients at the Northern General Hospital – Diabetic Centre will continue until the end of December 2017. The project will formally end 31st March 2018 and a final evaluation report will be available from end June 2018.